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Sunday, 17 March 2013

How to Create strong Password for WordPress site

In this tutorial you will learn how the strengthen password to increase the security of your WordPress site. Choosing strong password for your users helps to keep the bad guys out. Weak passwords and things like Password = 1234 is easy to get phrases and conversely strong passwords contains numbers, upper and lower case letters and using special characters in your password will help you to special characters like
!@#$%^&*( are great way to create strong passwords and doing so is the important part of your site security.

In WordPress there are three important things.

  • Create a strong admin password during installation
  • Password must be created for each new user
  • Password should be changed frequently 
During Installation you see this setup screen

and in Password field there are many ways for picking a strong password but the easiest is by searching online password generator websites like here just click create password and generate a strong password. Here copy the most strong password and use it in your installation setup. Change your password frequently after installation but setting a strong password in a get go is an excellent way to begin a secure site.

In addition to a primary admin account you also need to setup an account for other users which is done in Users settings page. Click the Users menu to see the lit of your users. For existing users just click on the user name and scroll down a bit in password section and then chose a strong password for your WordPress site users. For New user go to WordPress Dashboard > Users > Add New and fill out the details and chose a strong password. Your password strength is calculated with a password meter which inform your password is strong or weak. 

Strong password are going to help your site secured and its a good practice to change them in a weekly basic. WordPress also have its own designed password generator plugins that helps you to create a strong password on regular basis. Some of the most used plugins are 

Wordpress Plugins to strengthen Passwords 

There are many of other plugins are available in WordPress provides tool to doing this and there are some plugins to make things easier.


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