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Friday, 8 March 2013

Setting up a Static Homepage in Wordpress

The front page of the website is very important as more people land on the main page on their first visit. On the web the first impression is vital so its important that front page conveys the exact message you want to put out there and nothing else. WordPress gives you great flexibility about how your site and pages are displayed both in terms of content and also layout particular you can chose either you want to display front page of your blog or single static page.

By default the blog always will displayed on the front page but what about the other page of your site that you want to display without the sidebar. Changing it is actually quite easy and if you go to your Dashboard and click on > Settings > Readings your see there is options of display different options about front page.

It has displayed options at very top and you can chose Latest Post or Static Page. What you need to do is to assign a page for the Front Page of your website and also assign a page for Posts or Blog. Before we can do this you can create a New Page specifically to display just for the blog posts.

Go to Pages and select Add New to create a new page and simply called it blog. Put any information here and not do anything with layout. Now go back to Settings and Readings and change the static page and now set front page to your newly created Blog page and save the settings.

Simply changes the content on your front page you can changing the whole look and layout of the website and you are giving a visitor and indications what is important.


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