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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Setting Up account (Free Hosting)

If you want to start a blog using free hosting, the first step to create a WordPress based website hosted under is to setup an account. In this tutorial you will learn about how to setup a WordPress account and to setup a website in next tutorial. You can setup as many account as you want and you can setup as many WordPress website as you want under each account but for proper work you create just one account and setup all website on that one.

Setting up account in Wordpress

To get started Go to to setup the account with the " Get started " button

After it you can see the account setup page here you can set you account with basic information. Like Username, the username should be something that relates to your website because this is your identifier as you operate through and all other sites. The you can write strong password and your Email address to linked that account permanently to your WordPress account. Then select agree term and service and click Next. 

How to activate WordPress account 

When you click the next button the process completed and you can get an activation email to your Email address. Now open that email and click the activation link to activate your WordPress account and complete the Registration process. Now you can get another form about your name and about Yourself box. Fill it an complete your profile and then click Save profile and thats it. When you log in to your account by going you can create as many blog as you want.


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