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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Most Important Tags: Title Tags

Title tags are one of the most important components to your SEO campaign. It is weighted very heavily by all search engines so It's important to use the most important keyword phrases for each page of the website in the title tag without spamming and making it look unnatural, neither title tag should contain totally irrelevant keyword phrase which is not what your topic is about.

You can easily view the title set for your webpage. You can do that by right clicking the mouse on the webpage for which you want to inspect the title for, and click on "View Source" or press Ctrl+U as a shortcut. Here's what the title tag looks like in the source code:

You can see the title text in between the opening title tag "<title>" and "</title>"closing title tags and here is one place where the information contained in your title tag shows up visibly to people, right at the top of your browser:

In addition, the information contained in the title tags is the clickable link to your site when it shows up the in search results pages. Let's do a Google search for my "Earn Online" and see. Here's the title tag in the clickable part of the link:

Now notice here that Google has truncated our title. This doesn't mean that they have only indexed this many words of the title. They index many more than they actually display. So don't worry about the number of characters you use in your title. Search Engines show 70 characters long titles properly. Do make sure that the most important ones are near the beginning however, If you don't want them to cut off in the display. Since title tags are given so much weight by search engines and they're visible in so many places, be sure to use your most important keywords in way that entices people to click your link in the search engines.


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