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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

5 Best Facebook Games

Playing games online has been so much fun since a couple of year's after facebook came up with a number of cool facebook games that help social media site users to keep interaction and avoid being bored.

Due to extreme popularity of facebook, it attained a great number of site audience that could keep in touch with their loved ones from time to time despite the long distances between their locations they feel it like home. People are able to keep in touch with their friends, family, coworkers and other people by updating their so called facebook status.

Taking things to the next level, facebook decided to integrate cool games inside facebook so that people can enjoy small games and challenge their rivals. As mentioned, there are a number of facebook games but the best facebook games have been listed as follows:

1) Criminal Case

criminal case facebook gameCriminal case is the highest rated facebook game that includes utilization of investigation skills to solve interesting puzzle crimes. Aim is to become the best detective by using a master mind and spotting out the hidden objects. There are over 10 million players that are engaged with this facebook game.

2) 8 Ball Pool 

8 ball pool facebook game8 Ball Pool is another famous facebook game that is based on real 8 ball snooker game. It supports Multiplayer options, one can challenge a friend to play 8 ball. Rankings are given to the players based on their experience and number of total wins. This game is also played by millions of users on regular basis.

zynga poker facebook game3) Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker is yet another facebook game that has attracted a great number of audience. Game has been developed keeping in mind the way poker is played in real life. Every player needs to win chips after they enter a table.

4) Farmville 2

farmvillee 2 facebook game
Farmville 2 is the improved version of farmville and is considered one of the top games of the facebook. The game allows users to have control of their farms which includes growing and harvesting beautiful crops, raising of animals and much more.

5) Angry Birds Friends

Angry birds after gaining huge success as an android app is now available of facebook too named as Angry Birds Friends game. Gameplay includes flying birds to popup all the pigs in different game scenes.

Now that you know of the best facebook games, move on and have some fun.


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