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Friday, 15 March 2013

Best Social Bookmarking Sites List

social bookmarking sites
Social Bookmarking is a term that means marking a webpage socially so that the users in a particular social media network can have a glance on that webpage. We can think of social bookmarking similar to as we normally bookmark a page of a book so that we may read it later or maybe because that page of the book was interesting and that you can share that page of a book with a friend to read.

There are a great number of social media sites that allow bookmarking of the page. Here is a list of sites that where you can submit your webpages so that those site's can bookmark your webpage and share with people around the world that reside within that social media site or people who visit the social platform to know something interesting. Below is a list of top social bookmarking sites:


Delicious social is a bookmarking site that is powered by Yahoo Network. It allows users, free bookmarks after they signup for an account and they provide a backlink to the webpage that is bookmarked.
stumbleupon social bookmarking


digg social is another online social media site that allows users to make several bookmarks. They have a vast number of categories in which one can submit a webpage according to its relevancy.

Digg is also a well know bookmarking site that accepts webpages as bookmarks and is a great choice for webmasters. Links can easily be submitted after creation of an account.


reddit social bookmarking is another high page ranked social bookmarking site. The best thing about is that it provides a high PR dofollow backlink which is very useful for the reason of better SEO.


technorati social bookmarking accepts sites only after they have been verified by their token verification method. After submitting a site, technorati provides with a unique token id which needs to be placed inside a post as well as the feed. Once the unique token is placed in the post and in the feed, we can claim a verification. They take up to one day to properly verify the account.


tumblr social bookmarking is also a well known social bookmarking site. It requires an account registration before one can start bookmarking links. Tumblr is a bit different than others because one can also add images, formatted text along with the webpage link submission. 


Pinterest social bookmarking is another photo-links submission site which requires user registration before creating new boards and pins.


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