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Friday, 15 March 2013

Best Wordpress Security Plugins

best wordpress security plugins
Best security wordpress plugins have been in a great demand because of increasing cloud of internet viruses and threats that are launched in various unknown methods into websites by hackers. It is very important for the people who own a website to protect their property by every possible means not only to keep themselves secure, but also the potential visitors to their site.

Why to use a wordpress security Plugin?

Wordpress itself has strong defensive walls against internet threats and hacks, but on the other hand it is an opensource application free for everyone and anybody can download the application from wordpress official site, therefore this means hackers can get their hands on to the application too and can view source code of the application files. Now that the hackers have access to the code contained in the files, they can use different ways to bypass codes to damage websites based on this platform. Another technique they can use to create something destructive is by reverse engineering. The plus point is that wordpress comes up with updates regularly, as we have news about Wordpress 3.6 being launched in the month of April, 2013. In a nutshell, wordpress can further be strengthened with the help of security plugins.

List of Most Popular wordpress Security Plugins

Below is a list of most popular wordpress security plugins that can help in securing wordpress site from dangerous threats.
bulletproof security plugin

1) Bulletproof Security Plugin 

Bulletproof security plugin is a free wordpress plugin that protects website from XSS, RFI,CRLF,Base64,Code injection and SQL injection hacking. These are different keywords that are used to identify different attacks by the hackers.

2) Wordfence Security Plugin

wordfence security plugin
Wordfence security Plugin is yet another free plugin for wordpress used to protect a website from viruses and threats. It has several useful features such as making site backups and site monitoring to defend it from attacks.

3) 6Scan Wordpress Security Plugin

6Scan Wordpress Security Plugin
6scan wordpress security plugin helps in scanning wordpress site to figure out if the site has been breached by any sneaky attack or virus. This plugin also helps in providing solution on how to fix the problems found after scan. 6scan plugin does not provide its full features in a free version therefore the usability of this plugin is less as compared to other wordpress security plugins.

4) Better WP Security Plugin

Better WP Security Plugin
Better WP security plugin is also trusted by thousands of wordpress users because of its claim as number one wordpress security plugin. It is also easiest to use plugin that is kept simple and handles the complex matters by iteself. Better WP security plugin runs with the latest release of the wordpress that is on the run.

Keeping wordpress up to date

It should be made sure that wordpress site is kept updated to the latest release that can be done from inside the wordpress admin panel.

Note: One thing to keep in mind is that you should always backup your site before updating it to the latest release of wordpress because it is possible that up-gradation might cause the site to not function properly or an error might get triggered. 


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