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Friday, 22 March 2013

Types of Hosting Plans: Which One is the Best?

Choosing a good host is the 99% of the battle and as you know all hosting services claim that you get what you pay for and has never been more true. In this tutorial you will learn about different types of hosting and what to look for when you are choosing web host. In general there are four different types of hosting.

  1. Shared Hosting 
  2. Virtual Private Hosting 
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting 

Shared Hosting 

Shared Hosting is good for multiple websites on the same servers and generally its lower cost unlike other types of hosting and you get most of the common features such as software, PHP, MySQL and so on. Shared hosting also provides limited flexibility and control at one o the downside and in my view shared hosting is probably the best for blogs and small sites that runs on standard software.

Virtual Private Hosting - VPN

Virtual Private Hosting is similar to dedicated hosting but at lower price. With Virtual Private Hosting, multiple sites are stored on a same server that are called virtual containers. Most virtual private servers provide root access and full control of features, software and tools. We would say VPN probably best for sites that need more control but at a lower cost.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers provides maximum controls over the web server and the entire server is dedicated to single website and off course with this kind of a service the dedicated servers are going to be more expensive  then other types of hosting options. Dedicated servers are best for sites that need full control, strong flexibility and great performance and to be focused on single website.  

Cloud Hosting 

Cloud Hosting is infinitely scalable and is designed for handling large traffic sites and cloud hosting sites are hosted on multiple servers which are collectively referred as a ' Cloud '. Cloud hosting generally provides all the features that are required for the most sites and it is best for sites with lots of traffic and lots of unpredictable traffic results and searches.


When looking for the good host it is important to pin point what your site needs. If you are making a regular blog with moderate traffic then Shared Hosting can best option. If you want more control on your site and need to run more software's and require extra features, then Virtual Private hosting is probably the best shot.

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For total control over anything and every aspect then purchase your own dedicated server and then lastly if you have a site with massive traffic and huge spikes then cloud hosting will gonna provide you flexibility and your needed to keep your requirement fulfilled. 


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