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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Why Use Google Plus Pages For SEO?

We know there are a lot of social media sites such as facebook, linkedin, youtube, twitter, pinterest and yelp. But we might be missing one of the most important social media that is Google Plus.

Why Use Google Plus for Businesses?

using google plus for seo
You might wonder why exactly is google plus important for online businesses?. As you may already know Google is the number one search engine in the world wide web and the number one way that people use to search for products, services and information is through search engines. If people are using search engines to such a strong degree, and google is the number one search engine, then it totally makes sense that pages like Google Plus business pages get picked up on the search engine result pages for more visibility. Visibility for google plus isn't on the search engines alone, you can gain visibility through google plus page when people talk about your brand, hence having strong power of peer to peer marketing. You can gain visibility for people who may be searching for your brand. Also you can search in google plus in a number of ways such as people, pages, locations and posts. Being part of google plus for business, gives your brand one more way to be found.

Other Assets of to be gained by using Google plus

Another asset that you gain with google plus for business is the power of connecting online in a more authentic conversational way. Just like you may have conversations with people in lunch time, phone, text message or email. Google plus can allow you to have conversations with your respective customers or fans of your brand. You can bring people under your brand or google plus business page and feed them with exclusive content. People can comment on things you post, converse with each other, read, share posts, videos and photos. Like facebook, google plus for business also allows people who mention your brand to be able to tag your business when they are talking about you. By utilizing google plus pages, SEO impact can be great and ranking higher in search engine result pages can be experienced.

Communities and Grouping features in Google Plus 

One of the best parts of google plus are the communities and grouping features. There are different types of groups that can be tagged for business purpose. When people tend to follow your page, they are likely to receive your posts, talk about your business and encourage other people to see and connect with your organization. The Plus One button triggers a recommendation of a posts. People might write reviews about your business and they connect to your google plus page. Social recommendations can also be shared and added

Google Plus Local

Another benefit of using google pages for business is the connection with google plus local formally known as google places. This is an incredibly valuable marketing asset for local based businesses.

Google plus: the conclusion

Google plus is really simple. It is all about adding the right people and contact with them is what matters. It is simple to get started, easy to optimize and there is fairly low maintenance to manage.

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  1. thanks for sharing a important stuff on google plus as social media is playing a key role now a days in seo campaign


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