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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Using HTML Tags for Better SEO

using HTML Tags for better SEO
There are many HTML tags used when any web page gets coded. However, there are some tags where using keywords phrases within them can help the search engines to determine the relevancy of your page. Here are the HTML tags that can be useful for SEO purposes:

  • Title Tags

These are the most useful of all HTML tags because search engines gives them lot of weight. 

  • Meta Description Tags

These should describe your page so that it entices people to click on your listing at search engines.

Other Useful HTML Tags

Now, before I continue with the rest of the useful HTML tags, I wanted to say a few words about the meta keywords tag. It's not included in my list because not only is the meta keywords tag, not the key to SEO, nor has it ever been. It's not even looked at by Google. It's main use today is to help your own on site search engine determine relevancy. Some search engines still index the information contained within the meta keyword tag. This info will only help your site in the rankings of those search engines if you use technical terms or misspellings that are nowhere else on the page in no or very few other websites are using those terms on their pages. With that out of the way, let's continue with the useful tags.

  • Header Tags (Hx tags)

For example h1, h2, h3 tags. These are great places for you to use keyword rich headlines.

  • Anchor Text Links (a href tags)

This is the words you use in the clickable part of any text link.

  • Image Alt Attributes (alt tags)

These are also known as alt tags and should be used when you have image navigation on your website.

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Remember this when you're thinking about using keywords within your HTML content. Well there are many places where you can't put them. Be sure that you use your judgement, in other words just because you can put them everywhere, it doesn't mean you should. Only use them where it makes the most sense for each page. Nothing more, nothing less!

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  1. There are many HTML tags used when any web page gets coded. However,


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