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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How to Convert Visitors to Customers

ways to convert visitors into customersCreating a blog that is popular, trendy and attractive is not that hard. Previously, I have discussed countless ways through which an individual can create a blog that gets lots of page views and is popular among people. I have talked about how to increase rankings with search engines and have discussed various aspects of Search Engine Optimization. There is practically tons of advice that an individual can use in order to ensure that his or her blog is successful and popular.

However, the hard part about blogging is where the pressure builds up on the blogger to generate a positive return on investment. This is primarily what I will be talking about today; how can an individual convert the visitors on his or her blog into actual customers? Read on if you want to know!

Hold webinars:

This is actually a very effective way of converting your visitors into customers. If you have a business that promotes and sells a product or a service, you need to make sure that you hold webinars at least once every week. This allows the potential customers to interact with you in person irrespective of all the geographical boundaries between you people. Webinars can attract large numbers of people who might be interested in listening to what you have to say. However, the tricky part comes when you have to make these people purchase your good or service. For this, you can use two approaches. The first one is rather simple; ask them to sign up. Collect a payment then and there and there you go, sales made. However, this method will only attract a small number of clients.

You need to do more than just that in order to convince them to purchase your product or service. This leads to the second option that you have; offer them a free trial for a limited time period. Whatever your product or service may be, offer a free trial for it. Simply because you give the option, your sales on spot will go high as the level of trust between you and your clients will increase greatly.

Remarketing helps!

Did you know that the process of remarketing is actually quite useful when it comes to converting your visitors into actual customers? The process works somewhat like this; since it is easier for you to attract customers to your blog rather than an entire website, you can use your blog to remarket your audience.

You can use services such as Retargeter which will allow your banners to pop up when your visitors are visiting random sites. This is how the process of remarketing basically functions. The method is effective and at the same time, it is not that costly. Therefore you can be sure about the fact that it wont disturb your budget in any way.

Drive traffic from the blog to the main website:

There are countless ways through which you can drive your traffic from the blog to your main website. My personal favorites include a few which I will discuss.
Firstly, there are scroll down adverts. These adverts are long adverts on the extreme right or left of your blog post. They tend to get clicked on 2.86% of the time and are a good way of directing traffic to your corporate website.

You can also provide your audience with a navigation link that will redirect then to your main website. This is also quite a helpful tool which can enable you to get a good number of customers for your website.
My personal favorite is the hello bar. It is a bar at the top of the blog which has some catchy text within it. This bar has the tendency to get clicked on quite frequently. As a result of this, it happens to be one of the best methods of directing traffic to your website!

You may feel that these actions may not get you the desired number of customers and that all this investment would be futile, but believe me, it is not. These small things are what make up the big picture.  These actions will ensure that you manage to get a great number of customers.

Special promotions are always welcome:

Finally, there is no better way to attract customers than to do it by putting up special promotions for your customers. Give out discounts, offer two things in the price of one. In short, increase the value for money of your customers and they will come back to you in the future as well. This way, you will not lose on anything whereas the customers will gain on a lot. This will also increase the trust between you and your customers.
These small things make all the difference in the world when it comes to converting potential customers into actual customers. Follow them and you will see the difference.


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