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Monday, 25 March 2013

What is Google PageRank? (PR)

Concept of Page Rank

what is page rank
There are many misconceptions when it comes to Google page rank. Some people think that page rank is how Google ranks pages within their search results.Others think that it is a number from 1 to 10 that can be measured by a little green graph on a tool bar. Both of these have bits of truth to them but aren't quiet right. Google page rank actually isn't what you need to know and get some for your website. Google page rank is not how or where your page ranks in the search results, that's their algorithm. Page rank is also not easily measurable at least not by anybody outside of Google itself. You can see a representation of page rank if you have the Google toolbar installed on your browser or you use some external tool to measure it. Its not really page rank in the sense of what Google really considers page rank to be rather it is much more complex than anyone can think of as search engines such as google use mixture of a number of formulas to analyze a site.

Page Rank: A Secret

Apparently pages can show up different ranks but the truth is that Google, after analyzing a site records a number of things about it at it's end such as:

  • Domain age
  • How often site is updated 
  • Author's rank 
  • Pages of site 
  • Quality of content 
  • Permalink structure 
  • Sites hierarchy 
  • Links accessibility 
  • External links 
  • Back links and their identity/reputation
  • Other technical aspects such as hosting server 
  • Site's security
  • Loading time of webpages and much more
After analyzing these points, it assigns the site with a reputation. That reputation is the cause why some sites get indexed faster as compared to others as well as bots spend more time on some sites as compared to others. 

Why is now Page Rank not Much important?

Inner pages of your site might not show any PR at all but don't despair when you see that. Even though that Google toolbar shows no PR or very little PR the page is still usually indexed and can also rank for their targeted keyword phrases. This is why I say to not put too much stock in toolbar page rank as it is not the same as real PR. If you're worried about toolbar page rank having dropped or just not showing up at all, keep this in mind that its not accurate but only a visual representation. Its only updated a few times a year so newer pages can take many months to show any toolbar PR but that doesn't mean they don't have any. The deeper into a site you go, the lower the PR you'll see. That's normal as those deeper pages really do get less link popularity which is similar to page rank. Don't make the mistake of thinking of PR as the goal of SEO in and of itself, its not. Your SEO goal is to obtain visibility in the search results when people are seeking what you offer. Having page rank is something you need in order to fulfill that goal but your site will obtain page rank naturally by having a link-worthy site and by focusing on Quality Content.

Panda update focuses on content quality of a particular website and enforces webmasters to checkout for spelling mistakes in their content. You may read full article on Google Panda updates here.

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