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Sunday, 3 March 2013

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is an open source free for all content management system that is utilized by millions of people to create blogs as well as professional websites. Wordpress not only allows users to create blogs, but full functional professional websites such as eCommerce websites, corporate websites and membership type of websites can be built with ease given that one has strong grasp and understanding on how wordpress works and how to utilize it to maximum benefit.

Why is wordpress so popular?

Wordpress would not have been as much popular as it is today if it had not been free. The developer of wordpress kept it free so that anyone who does not have knowledge of web development languages such as HTML, PHP , Javascript, or other advance web development languages such as AJAX can easily create their personal site using wordpress.

If we take a glance at past years, most of the sites were static structured on HTML, but wordpress brought in a new revolution in the world of internet and static sites started to roll out and convert into more dynamic sites which not only proved to be flexible in terms of usability but also helped them enhance overall performance.

Good things to know about Wordpress

Wordpress became popular when people referred their friends, co-workers, family members and other people because of amazing functionality of wordpress and the easiness of installing plugins in wordpress that increase the functionality of wordpress. One might think of wordpress as a car, we can supercharge a car by integrating a Nitro Oxide kit inside or add spoiler to enhance the look of the car or there are hundreds of options that can be integrated into a car to increase its visual effect or functionality. Same is the case with wordpress and its plugins, Plugins are those extra features that can be easily integrated into wordpress such as Sliders with transition effects or Search Engine optimization for sites plugin.

What Developers think about Wordpress?

Wordpress has also been well documented that made it the top most popular choice among the web developers who extended the features of wordpress by developing new and unique wordpress Plugins kept open source too.

A large community of wordpress has been provided where people can ask there questions and troubleshooters are active to help anytime.
Overall wordpress is a reliable content management system that is secure and is updated quite often to keep the platform protected from increasing threats on internet.


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