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Monday, 4 March 2013

Difference Between and Self Hosted Wordpress site is a so called cloud hosted blogging network that's means when you published a website in you actually publishing the next to other websites under servers and it is also means you are limited the services they provide.
For example only have a limited supplies of themes, plugins and widgets and several services you cant use. If you wanna go beyond that and use own custom theme or custom plugins or you wanna ad Google Adsense to your site you need to go to self hosting. Now self hosting is sound scary but it is easy as long as keeps you ducks in a row. A good things is you can easily self host WordPress on your own computer and you can also testing all setup before you go to the web.

The only thing you need to do is to install it through the third party applications to all your setups and  you all done it finished before posting things to internet and take you website up.

Requirements for setting self host WordPress site 

If you are considering creating a self hosting WordPress website there are few requirements you have to keep in mind.

1. You need a web host that supports PHP 5 and MYSQL. This is the environment on which WordPress will running and without these two things you cant run WordPress at all.

2. You need a latest version of WordPress and you can download it for free from WordPress.ORG and once you have installed WordPress you can get automatic upgrades as new versions available.

3. You also need a basic understanding like file handling, management and editing this is because you need to move fast rounds, uploads files, download files, make changes as you want to go. For this you need a code editor like Notepad++.

4. Notepad++ is a very basic editor and it is available free online.

5. And finally you need an FTP client application so you can upload and download files to you web servers. If you meet all these requirements you ready for self hosting WordPress website.

Publishing on the web is the last step of the process and before we get on that point let setup a proper self host WordPress environment nattily on your computer for building development and testing. In our nest tutorial you will learn about how setup WordPress on local host


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