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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Benefits of Social Media Networks and SEO in WordPress

SEO in WordPresss
Have ever wondered about the fact what could be the best online marketing technique?? Well today I will try to answer this question of yours.

In my opinion a well rounded marketing technique includes combination of   engine optimization, content marketing, and social media. You should adopt all these marketing mediums but at times it so happens due to budget constraints or any other resource then which strategy you should adopt is a million dollar question.

Connections b/w SEO and Social Media Networks

Here you would have to take you pick either it is the social media marketing or SEO many of you would choose social media marketing as it is the “In Thing” hence giving you the illusion that this will increase your visibility rather than SEO. You still need to rethink your choice.

The proposition of dead SEO in not true hence favoring social media over SEO or any other online marketing tactic isn’t a smart strategy.

Facebook and SEO

One major reason that you should not favor social media marketing over SEO is that the social profiles are not owned; yes you would have not considered this before. When it comes down to the sole owner of your Facebook page is Facebook and not you. So you need to follow all the rules and parameters to set up your page and you will have to abide by them and if you fail to do so your page could be potentially be shut down.

Sharing links, Pictures and Ideas

The problem with social media marketing is that it can be distracting at times, if you are sending people to your social media page as opposed to a business website to learn more about you, there is chance that the message won’t be heard.

This is because of the fact the social media has too much to offer like pictures, links, videos, etc and the user are distracted with all this and all that stuff that your connections are sharing leading to fact that you will probably even forget why you originally signed in, and that company page might never be viewed.

Take a chance at MySpace

More over social media sites have shelf lives once MySpace was the “In Thing” but today it is no longer used that much. Facebook has been able to remain successful and relevant for many years- but will it last? It might, it might not which is why you don’t want to risk putting all of your efforts into social. Your business website is your owned property and it will be around as long as you want it to be.

Lastly people don’t use Social media sites for search. They search in the search engines, Social media pages are typically for people that have already interacted with your brand in some way.  


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