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Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to Display Recent Posts from Another website in WordPress

If you are a WordPress user and you have a multiple WordPress blogs, then you can display a recent posts from one of your blog to your another blog anywhere in your theme. Many of the WordPress users use this feature to promote a new blog by utilization of and old well established blog. You can display the recent posts of other blog via Google Feedburner buzz boost script and placed in any where in your WordPress theme.

Display a Recent posts using Feedburner Buzz Boost 

For using Feedburner Buzz Boost first you need to create an account in Google Feedburner. Then login to your Google Feedburner account and for the toolbar open a Publicize tab. Then chose Buzz Boost from the Left toolbar.

Now In Buzz Boost area you have a choice to customize how many post you want to display and many other like the given form below. 

Customize the form according to your need and Click Activate Button. It will activate immediately and your Google Feedburner Buzz Boost script will be provided in the next screen. 

Copy the script code and placed in your WordPress widget area to display a recent post of another site in sidebar. If you have knowledge of single.php or index.php, you can display the script in any area of your site. 


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