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Friday, 12 April 2013

Updates about Facebook News feed 2013

Updates about Facebook News feed in 2013
Facebook’s Major Change Recently Facebook has come up with first major update to new news feeds this feature was launched seven years ago and since then it is the first time Facebook has made some changes to its site.

As we are well aware of the fact changes takes time to implement and generate mixed reactions similarly some praise the introduction of new Facebook multiple news feeds, mobile consistency and a bigger focus on pictures, as well as a cleaner, more organized look.

New Facebook News feed vs Google+ Design

Whereas on the other hand some critique claim that it is a borrowed design of Google+. Changes do cause chaos it is normal once it so happened Mark Zuckerberg had to write a blog post called "Calm down. Breathe. We hear you" to reduce chaos that was created as a result of a change in newsfeed in 2006. People also created groups on Facebook protesting the changes.

But the counter argument that was put forward by Mark Zuckerberg was this was only done to tell users what was going on in their friend’s lives rather than promoting activity like stalking more over adding that the product is still evolving. This is information people used to dig for on a daily basis, nicely reorganized and summarized so people can learn about the people they care about.

Facebook - A largest social network

Today nobody can imagine what would be Facebook like without the concept of news feeds. This concepts help to eliminate the hard part of navigating friends' pages and today it has evolved so much and has become a sophisticated tool of communication initially the site launched in 2004, it was basically just a directory of names, interests and contact information.

Since then it's become a much smarter, complicated platform over the years, and it's brought a lot more depth to the user experience along the way. So in tomorrow’s blog, In light of the new design, we will take a nostalgic walk down news feed memory lane and see how "then" as evolved to "now."


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