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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

5 Best Responsive jQuery sliders for Wordpress

Every website owner tries to make his site unique and with special effects to look creative in front of his visitors. If your website or blog is built up with WordPress open source software, then you have hundreds of choices to customize it. One of the most used customization effect is to add a slider bar in your home page and with the responsive slider you can grab the attention of visitors and display a showcase of your worthy content.

Zuper Slider with Responsive Effects

Zuper slider is completely responsive optimized slider with a brilliance in its style and power of jQuery that works with all browsers. With the Zuper slider custom feature, you can embed a video and customize it in your own way. 

Flex Slider with jQuery Effects

Flexslider is no doubt one of the most used responsive slider and proudly presented by Woo themes. Flexslider is built with several jQuery modes and styles and it is fully editable, You can change the size according to your need and it will give a fantastic look to your homepage. 

Wmu Slider Responsive slider for WordPress

Wmy slider has a modern design and its installation process is every simple and once you use wmu slider it will surely impressed you because of its custom design. Wmu is a faster slider and it comes with all bug fixed.

Royal Slider 

The Royal slider allows you to create as many galleries and organized images in your posts as well as jQuery effect give your home page a brilliant result. If you have incoming traffic from mobile devices and you are looking upon a responsive lQuery slider with fast effects then Royal slider well suits your needs.

WOW slider with Responsive jQuery effect 

From the past years WOW slider is very popular among the WordPress web designers because of its special effects and image transition. WOW slider is a WordPress plugin and it is very easy to install within a WordPress site. 


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