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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How to block spam Comments in Wordpress

how to block spam comments in wordpress
Spam commenting is a very disgusting issue that is faced by almost every blogger. Basically spam comments are those comments that have no relevancy to the article that they are submitted on and are hence made with intention of getting a backlink. These spam comments can also be identified as they are based on a common format or a recycled comment. The good thing is that there is a solution to block these spam comments in a wordpress blog.

Blocking Spam Comments in Wordpress

It is almost impossible to convince a spammer from avoiding comment spamming but precautionary measures can be taken to actually block them if you own a site based on wordpress.

The plugin that is used to block spam comments is Akismet. There is no need to search and install the akismet plugin as it comes along with the installation of wordpress by default. The only need is to activate it and configure it so that it may start it's anti spam job instantly.

First of all you need to log into your wordpress backend. Then go to Plugins > Installed Plugins. Over there, look for the very first plugin in the list named Akismet. Click on Activate to activate the plugin and you will notice the following notification on the top of your admin panel:

How to create a Free Akismet account 

Go to >> and click on Get a WordPress key 

Then chose Personal account type and click Signup 

The next step is to create a free account on Click Signup with button

Fill the registration form. Give your Email address, username and password and click Signup

Once the registration process is successfully completed you will automatically redirect to Akismet web click on Authorize button.

When you account is successfully Authorized you will Redirect for complete your Akismet Registration. Give your First and last name and move the cash slider to left to make a free account and accept the term of services and click Continue button.

Now Go to this Link  and Login into your Akismet account. 

Click on Reveal button to get your unique Akismet key. 

Now go back to your WordPress Dashboard and Click on "enter your Akismet API Key" from the left tabs to configure the plugin and you will see the following Akismet plugin options:

Enter your Akismet ket and check the all fields and click Update options. Your Akismet plugin is fully activated now and it will automatically stop spam comments in your WordPress site.


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