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Monday, 15 April 2013

How to get more subscribers on Facebook

Today we will be talking about how to get more subscribers on your Facebook profile. Subscription allows people to connect, it enables ideas to spread across the world and it allows people to message.

Subscriptions can be achieved by the following steps .First of all; you need to enable subscriptions, which is very crucial. This is done by a simple step.

Getting for subscribers on Facebook

Go the Subscribe Page and click Allow Subscribers. This allows people to subscribe. Second most step is make your search engines open, this makes easier for the people to find you out, if people can’t find you on Facebook, they won’t subscribe.

This is done by going to privacy settings page, click Edit settings, the settings: “Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided?” enable it to public.

Then Return to the main Privacy settings page and click Edit settings under Ads, Apps and Websites this time. Click Edit Settings again under Public search and ENSURE public search is enabled. This allows searches for you in search engines. Thirdly you need to create a vanity URL; it creates a direct linkage to your Facebook profile.

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How to add your vanity URL

You should rather include your full name as your vanity URL as it boosts your searches. Once it is created you can even share your vanity URL on business cards, your email signature, on your website, etc.

Fourth step is to add a “Subscribe button” on your website. If you own a website add a subscribe button to it, this allows people to subscribe your updates without leaving your website or your Facebook profile.

These were the very four steps to how to get more subscriptions on Facebook profile; tomorrow I will be discussing the other steps, which would lead to a high number of subscribers.


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