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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

How to Recover Password From phpMyAdmin for Wordpress

It is the most common thing that happens with a number of wordpress site owners that their site gets hacked or some error occurs during login and they are not able to retrieve the WordPress login password via Email. Wordpress user password can be reset via phpMyAdmin. Every WordPress blog has its unique MySQL database and that can be only accessed via phpMyAdmin in your cpanel hosting. In phpMyAdmin, one can easily edit password recovery email address and set new password to secure WordPress blog from bad boys.

Follow along with our handful of guides to secure wordpress sites

Identify your WordPress blog Database name

 First step is to identify your WordPress blog Database name and Database username. When you install WordPress, it is always a good habit to give custom Database name. If you leave it as default then WordPress will automatically set a Database name. In order to find Database name Go to your online web host cpanel account and navigate your WordPress site's root directory and open wp-config.php.

Here Locate the DB name and remember it.

Retrieve Password via phpMyAdmin

Now you have DB name of your WordPress site, move on and Go to your online web host cpanel account and in Databases section click to open phpMyAdmin.

On the left side you will see list of Databases of your WordPress sites. Now search for your Database name connected with your blog as memorized earlier. By clicking, It will display all admin settings of your site. In wp_users, select it and click Browse. It will open your user_login options, Click Edit to customize it.

When you click edit you will see the following fields inside it.

Now look at user_pass field you will see the password in MD5 Hash form, for security reason WordPress stores your password in MD5 hash format. You cannot edit your password here. So the most simple step is to change your recovery email address. You can edit it from user_email field. Write the new email address and press Go button. 

Once your recovery email address is updated go to your and click Forget password

Write the new recovery email and click submit. Now open your mail box and click the activation code provided in the mail. Choose a new password and you are done. You are now able to login into your WordPress site with the new password that you just set.


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