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Thursday, 4 April 2013

How to Verify Wordpress Site in Google Webmaster tools

google webmaster site verification
In this tutorial you will learn how to verify your WordPress site using Google Webmaster tools. The Google webmaster tool is just an awesome resource for making sure your site is optimized according to the webmaster guidelines.The webmaster tool is useful to submit a sitemap, check duplicate contents, look out at keyword density and it is a necessary if you want to see your site at top of the search engine results page.

Verifying WordPress site in Google Webmaster tool

It is pretty easy to verify your website using Google Webmaster tool.

First of all open link :

And Sign up in Webmaster tool using your Gmail account. If you already have gmail account then click and Sign in. Now click Add a Site button.

Enter the complete URL of your site.

Now in order to complete the Google Webmaster tools verification the Recomended method is to upload a HTML file in your site's root directory. 

Download the HTML verification file. If you know FTP or your online cpanel web hosting account then login in your online web host Cpanel account and then navigate in your site directory. In Cpanel this you may access the root directory by browsing via File Manager.

Open File Manager and go to your site directory. Then upload this file in the root folder. When uploading is completed, again Go back in your Google Webmaster tool verification section and Click Verify button and your website will be successfully submitted.

Alternative verification methods in Google Webmaster

If you want to use alternative method to verify your site in Google webmaster tools then you have the the option of using meta tags.

Verification using HTML meta tags

You can also verify you site using HTML meta tags. Click HTML tag and you will provided with a unique meta tag. 

Copy the HTML code provided in white box and paste inside your head section after the opening </head> tag of your theme's header.php . Head section is provided in WordPress theme >> header.php file. Here is the example how to put the code.

As you see in the above image the meta tag is place right after the < head > section. When done click Verify button and that is it. These are the two most used and easiest way to get place in Google Webmaster tool.

Feel free to comment about the issues that you might face in the comment section below.

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