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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How to get More likes on your facebook page

Since the birth of Facebook the advertisement strategies have changed around the globe
Facebook has been used as a new way to reach the audience through newsfeeds and by the
number of likes as more and more people like your page results in increase in potential

Promote your content via Facebook pages

How to get likes on your face book page
As more people visit your page there are chances people might like content of your page and as a result visibility of your content on their timelines. Social endorsement is a powerful motivator, so use this medium as it will encourage your fans’ friends to see what you’re all about. Now the important questions is how to do you start getting more likes?

Use reveal tab on your face book to check who has liked your content and followed your exclusive content on can also keep a check on the people who yet have to like your page like-gated content motivates people to like your page in hope of getting some exclusive information and updates of your page.

Share your Best content with your Facebook fans

Now since you have created your like gate you need to customize your tab image to promote your exclusive image. Keep in mind that visibility of the top row of images is very important so that your visitors know what your page offers. The other important thing is that you can only link people directly to this like-gate tab if you are using Facebook Ads.

Moreover add the like widget on your website or blog so that your visitor can easily like
your content without the hassle of going away from the website.

Facebook Pages and Power of sharing 

You can also include images of people who have already liked your Facebook page this helps you use the power of social endorsement to your advantage. Lastly update your timeline regularly with new posts, updates and other things like pictures. Try to add something new to your Facebook page every single day as every time you post something, your fans might engage with your content, leading a new audience to your Facebook page.


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