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Monday, 15 April 2013

What is New about facebook News feeds?

Today we will take a walk down the memory lane of newsfeeds discussing how it has evolved over the years Facebook had started newsfeeds these were mini feeds that appeared on each person’s profile and now is replaced with timeline. This allows personalized list of updates of news and stories so whenever a user logs in they get to see the headlines that are generated through the activity of your friends and social groups.

Benefit of Facebook News feeds for users

Initially this change was thought not to be good for the user as their privacy was at stake as this concept was unfamiliar on internet. Many users in the beginning questioned how their personal information would be highlighted to others and still their privacy settings would be intact.

In 2009 some more changes were made to face these changes included introducing new profiles for public figures and organisations moreover changes were also made to home page and now if some users liked a page they would see updates from celebrities and public figures in stream. Due to new filters users could decide and choose who updates do they what to see family members or social circle in news feeds.

Facebook News feed and Publisher features

Facebook also encouraged people to add their own updates and they also focused on improving its publisher feature at times it is also called update form. They also moved ‘‘what’s on your mind’’ on the top of the page so that it would be easier to add status updates, links, photo so that you could do all this from your homepage.

Facebook News feed at smarter level

More over If you added an update through the publisher form on your profile it would also post on the news feed for friends to see. Facebook has periodically has being rolling out updates at smaller level this is done on the bases of the feedback that Facebook got from its users.

A few weeks later, it added controls to reduce app content from appearing in the stream, as well as added photos tagged of friends by May, Facebook was moving content to the news feed in real time


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