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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Why you Should Upgrade to the newest Version of Wordpress

update latest version of wordpressThere are a couple of reasons why you should install the latest version of wordpress or update to the latest release if you are currently running an outdated version of wordpress. Here are some reasons which you can take under consideration and update your wordpress site accordingly.

1) New Features

It is very common that almost every software or application comes up with latest features after the release of its update. Similarly wordpress comes up with unique features every time it update becomes official which is great because these latest features can provide much more flexibility in setting up a better wordpress site. Other than that many of the old functions are deprecated which were of not much importance in the older version or they are not entirely required in the fresh release.

2) Improved Security

Securing a site online is the most challenging part as the number of threats keep on increasing day by day. Keeping this scenario in mind, wordpress strengthens its security and closes the door ways that can be breached by a number of threats online, each time an update is released. It is said that even a website owner can be dangerous for his website when it comes to input data and store it into a database, hence it is really important to take care of the security measures to provide best visitor experience as well as do well in the search engines.

3) Bugs Elimination

Bugs are really annoying when it comes to dealing with a wordpress site. Bugs that are spotted in wordpress sites are then reported in the wordpress official forum and then they are eliminated in latest release of wordpress. This is another important factor to keep in mind and update to the latest version of wordpress. 

4) Improved Search Engine Optimization

What most of the wordpress site owners do not know is that search engine crawlers such as google bot checks the site for the current version of the application installed on the site. For instance, a site having wordpress version 2.8 installed will be recognized by the search engine bot and will not give impact to it if the latest official version of wordpress is for say 3.5 because the crawler will think that site is outdated, unsecured and can potentially be dangerous to the visitors. This is one of the important reason why you should update your wordpress site to the latest version instantly.

 Now that you know of the most important reasons why you should update your wordpress site, move on and grab the latest release and implement it on your wordpress site.

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