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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to Display Related Posts in WordPress

Displaying Related Posts in WordPress
Today our topic of discussion is how to display related posts links and related posts thumbnails after each single posts in WordPress blog. WordPress is a open source program that helps bloggers to make a unique and professional blogs and WordPress developers try to introduced free and paid WordPress plugins on daily basis. To show a related posts with thumbnail is such a nice idea and your users get more engagement and they can learn related blog posts with a single tap. Also related posts can help to increase page views and more visitors for your blog.

Display a related posts after every blog content is now very easy with the help of free WordPress plugins and you don't need to worry about coding.

WP - Thumbie Related Posts Plugin 

At our top of the list we have WP-Thumbie Related Post plugin developed under a professional team of BlogsDNA and you can download and install it in your WordPress blog free of cost. Wp-Thumbie comes with many features like it can display a related posts thumbnail images with post titles under each blog post. You can also select the number of posts to display after each blog content. 

While using Wp-Thumbie you doesn't use any custom field or PHP code in your blog content or function file because it works automatically. If you want to display related posts in sidebars or any other area of your WordPress theme you just manually done with plugin settings. You can exclude categories, tags and pages if you don't want to display as your related posts. 

How to install Wp-Thumbie Related posts plugin in WordPress 

  • Login into your WordPress admin Dashboard panel.
  • Click on Plugins >> Add New from the left navigation menu.

  • Now Search for Wp-Thumbie, Install the plugin and Activate it.

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  • If plugin is install and successfully activated then you can see a new tab name as Wp-Thumbie under Settings.

  • Click on Wp-Thumbie and you get the complete settings to configure related posts after blog post. 

Here you can set the number of related posts display after each content. You can set the image width and length according to your theme. In exclude category box you can submit a category name and ID to hide them from related posts. 

If you want to display related posts in any part of your WordPress theme then copy this snippet of code

<?php if(function_exists('wp_thumbie')) wp_thumbie(); ?>

and paste it in template file where you want to display. Just take a try and let us know the results in comment box.



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