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Sunday, 5 May 2013

How to Grow Your Business With Google Plus

Google Plus For Business
If you’re not currently using Google Plus that’s probably the thought that is holding you is  “No one is on Google Plus! No one updates their pages! There’s no reason for me to be on  there!” Despite the fact Google Plus has some very powerful benefits that the other social  networks don’t offer.

The best part is that it doesn't require nearly the time commitment of  networks like Facebook and Twitter.  The more time you put into it the more you get out of it, but you can still get plenty out of  it without sacrificing a ton of your time. In this post I’m going to explain exactly what three  extremely important ways you can benefit from using Google Plus for business.

Google Plus for Business & Communities 

There were  many impressive features at launch, and the network grew to millions of members in no time,  but the problem was no one was posting anything. Second problem was that it wasn't friends  and family who were joining Google Plus.

  • It was social media pros, marketers and tech  enthusiasts. The people who grew large followings on Google Plus were people who already  had huge social media followings to begin with. 
  • If you were just a regular user it was hard to  get even a few dozen people to circle you.  Before long it felt like a ghost town but then Google Plus rolled out a few new updates to get  people interacting more. 

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Google phased out Google Places and introduced Google plus Local  Pages to get people engaging at a local level.  Google plus Authorship was introduced, which added your G+ profile picture next to your  articles in search results. It has become a lot more important than that though.

Use of Google+ Sharing Tools 

Google added  some great additions, like Google plus Communities  Many website traffic went way up, articles were getting +1′d more than ever before, and most  importantly finally Google Plus network will be growing by connecting with hundreds of  engaged users.

How g+ increases your productivity 

After hearing a lot about the hype that is created by Google+ today I thought I should spell  out the benefits and the disadvantages that you face inertly with the account of Google+. So before I tell you about what Google Plus can do for your business, let me tell you a little bit about what it cannot do.

  • I don’t want you to set your expectations too high so here is what Google+ cannot do as it is still not the most ideal network for direct  communication with customers. But it is not the most ideal network for connecting with local  customers. 
  • Then it is not a network where you can advertise. The last disadvantage is one of  the biggest flaws it is not a network where you can blast sales messages to people (no social  network is good for that).  After giving all the list of things that Google+ can’t do now I will be telling you about all  the things that Google+ can do.

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First and for most it can boost your website traffic which is  a dream come true for all the website owners. Secondly it can improve your search engine  ranking which yet again is a dream that every blogger what to get fulfilled. Then it allows  you to build authority for your brand. You could conveniently improve the visibility and  distribution of your content by simply enjoying Google+.

Engaged your User with upcoming Products and Events

Lastly it can connect you with  other engaged professionals and influences in your field. After reading all the pro and the  cons hope fully you would by now have understood the strategies that you would need to  implement to gain maximum benefit out of your Google+ account. So if you think these  benefits are appealing to you, keep reading to learn how you can achieve them.

Things to Remember - An Advise 

These are the most important things you need to do to grow your business, establish authority  in search engines, and gain a ton of traffic with Google Plus.

  • Firstly get a Google plus local  page for your business as to get your business page on Google Maps you used to have to  register your business with Google Places. Well, they've phased that out and now it’s all about Google+ Local Pages.
  • Not only is it  integrated with Google Maps, but it’s integrated directly within the search engine results  pages (SERPS).Since they have made a Google Plus Local Page you get all this information  about them on the first page of search results. You get pictures, directions, hours of operation and reviews all in one place. 
  • This  immediately grabs attention, establishes authority and pre-sells the customer before they click  on the website. Or they can click on the Google Plus page to read the reviews from other customers. That might be even more important since customer reviews have been shown to be the most influential factor in how a customer feels about a business and ultimately whether or not they will make a purchase.  

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Once they’re on the Google Plus  page they can also check-in and leave a review of their own after their visit. The more check-ins and reviews you can accumulate on your G+ page  the more influential it will be to other visitors.

Secondly set up Google plus authorship on  your website if you create your own content and publish it on your website as it creates a  connection between the content published on your website and your Google Plus profile.  When something you've published shows up in search results it will have your name and  photo attached to it.


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