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Monday, 6 May 2013

How to Change Wordpress Login Page Logo

Every wordpress login page has a similar trademark logo of wordpress right above the login form, we can easily change or remove that by uploading our site's logo and then replacing the default image with our custom logo in the wordpress admin panel stylesheet.

To change the default logo on wordpress login page, first of all log into your wordpress site's admin panel.
Then go to Media > Add New. 

Upload the logo that you want to be shown on the wordpress login page and copy the direct link to your logo.

Next log into the cPanel of your site and navigate to the File Manager. Click to open up the file manager, then go to wp-admin > css  and open up the stylesheet named "wp-admin.min.css".

Now you need to Press CTRL + F on your keyboard to search for the term ".login h1 a"

You will see a number of attributes assigned to this class. You just need to find the attribute "background-image" since we only want to change the default wordpress logo and then simply replace the default URL of the background-image to your logo's URL such as:

background-image: url('http://link-to-your-logo.png');

If you want to entirely remove the logo so that you can only have blank area, just remove the above line. Next save the file and that is it, you now have replaced the default wordpress logo on wordpress login page with your own logo.


  1. Good until next wordpress update...

  2. Thanks!

    But how to change the URL pointing to different domain instead of


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