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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How to Use Google Keyword Research Tool

How to Use Google Keyword research tool
While Google's keyword research tool is very helpful in giving us a lot of raw data to work with such as keywords to write articles on. They also provide us with a lot of keywords that don't truly relate to content that we offer on our website. So let's look at each how to perform a keyword research and perform well on search engine result pages.

How to Use Google Research tool 

Using a Google Research tool is a Technique and if you want to become a successful blogger than you must learn be familiar with this procedure. Before writing any post for your blog you must use Google Research tool to analyze about keyword density and quality. 

First you need to open Google Keyword Tool Official website. 

To avoid using captcha code each time Sign in with you Gmail account. 

On the Left side there is a Sidebar with different options. 

Here you can Include and exclude options regarding your keyword research. Keep in mind you must unchecked the Broad option and then check the [ Exact ] option to get the accurate results of specific keyword only.

In you right side there is a complete tool to optimize your keyword.

Right your Keyword or Phrase in the first line. To get more accurate results you can select the category for your keyword open " Advanced Options and Filters ".

Here you can chose keyword density in specific countries and locations also you can check your keyword density in different languages. 

Google Keyword Tool is now giving more accuracy according to the devices. You can check the keyword density in Desktop and Laptop devices. If you are a Android and iOS app developer than select " All mobile Devices " to get the accuracy.

Definition of Keyword Tool result Page

Now lets say I test the keyword tool and use a keyword " Angry Bird " in keyword phrase. I select a country United States and set for All languages. Keep in mind always chose option [ Exact ] for left sidebar.

Here is the result of my searched Keyword. 

 As you see the above result my Keyword Competition is Low. Always chose those keywords which have Low competition so you can get the results more early in Google search results. 

The Globally Monthly searches for this keyword is above 200k which is awesome. Use keywords which have more than 10,000 monthly searches. Local Monthly search tab describe about the keyword research in a specific country. 

If you want to become a successful blogger than use keyword tool before writing articles for your websites. You can submit your queries in comment box and we will be very happy to give more suggestions.  


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