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Friday, 3 May 2013

Why Not to Use Unlocked Premium Wordpress Themes

unlocked premium wordpress themesThere are a couple of reasons why one should not use free wordpress themes. These free themes does not refer to the great number of free wordpress themes available in official wordpress repository rather they are those ones which are available free for downloading on various sites after they are unlocked or are activated by illegal means such as code alteration.

Unlocked Premium themes Might be Malicious

One of the main reason why you should never use unlocked themes on sites is that they might contain malicious files or code that can potentially harm the entire site and can have an adverse effect taking in account the search engines. Search Engines hate malicious sites because they are intended to harm visitors one way or the other. These malicious files will also allow your host to trigger warnings to you or get your hosting account suspended.

Unlocked Premium themes Might Contain Suspicious Code

Another reason why you should never choose the illegally activated premium wordpress theme is that it might contain suspicious code that might has been inserted by a person who unlocked it and placed it to receive the credits of the unlock. Normally these codes are encoded into a script such as Base64 encryption so that a person reviewing the code would never know what the suspicious is placed for. Also such base64 encrypted code is a bit difficult to decode unless used a well known decoder.

Unlocked Premium themes Might Contain Backlinks   

According to an observation most of the premium themes after being unlocked are placed on various sites for free because they contain backlinks in footer, header, sidebar or somewhere else inside the theme that are inserted as to receive credits by the person who unlocked the theme or is selling it illegally. Some of these kind of themes might also contain links that are not visible to anyone after site is rendered on the screen but they might exist in the source code, these type of links are normally referred as hidden links and are of negative impact in terms of search engine optimization.

Unlocked Premium Themes Might contain Limited Features

Another thing about the illegally activated themes is that they might be limited to a few features only. That is because a number of features might get disturbed due to code alteration or so.

One should consider spending a few bucks instead of getting in great trouble these nulled themes might cause, also there is nothing better than playing fair!


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