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Monday, 3 June 2013

Best Health and Medical Theme for Wordpress

There are a couple of health and medical themes for wordpress. A bit hard thing is to judge which one is best suitable according to our needs as well as search engine friendly. According to the latest analyses on completion of 10 years of wordpress, It has been observed that 17% of the world wide web are using wordpress platform either to run a blog or to utilize it as a professional content management system.
Today wordpress is utilized not only for blogging or a content management system but it is also being used as an eCommerce solutions with plugins such as wooCommerce and Jigoshop make things a lot easier and enhance the functionality overall. Business sites such as related to health and medical sciences is another great option that one can go with in wordpress.

Health and Medical Theme for Wordpress

Healthpress is the most suitable theme that can be utilized to create a professional health and medical related website on wordpress platform. It is an elegant looking template with a medical look and color scheme that makes it look like a health niche site.

best health and medical theme for wordpress

Social icons and Slider

Theme contains a number of social icons in the header that can help your medical business website be interacted with people socially. The jQuery slider if contained high quality and high definition images can boost up site's look overall.

Slogan, Subheadings and Icon Boxes

This theme has professional icons boxes with descriptive headings and text that describes the site in key points about what actually it is offering as per latest top trending professional sites on the web.

Biography overview of Professionals

Doctors, Dentists, Specialist names, images and an overview about their experience in a beautiful look is another reason why this theme can be the best choice along with an appointment form that will help setting up schedules and meetups/appointments with clients.

Clients Testimonials

Testimonials are great to attract new customers and make them believe in your services. Healthpress comes in with the built in testimonials functionality which are easy to manage. These really help a lot in expanding the business. 

Elegant Footer

Healthpress has an elegant and fully customiz-able footer that is also a necessity of a professional looking site.


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