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Monday, 26 August 2013

How to Backup your WordPress blog with BlogVault

how to backup wordpress blog with blogvault
In the present world of uncertainty, it is absolutely essential for everyone to have backup for anything that they may be involved in. from university students to CEOs of large companies, everyone will tell you how absolutely important it is to ensure that you create backup for all your work so that your work can be controlled as you wish to control it and that it becomes immune to any disaster that may hit it.

Well, if everything needs a good backup, why should your blog be treated any different? Today I will discuss the features and benefits of the best WordPress Backup service for you to take advantage from.

Backup your WordPress blog with BlogVault

BlogVault is the ultimate service that you need in order to secure your blog completely. First of all, you can create a complete backup of your work and your website. This allows you to secure your blog in case the need arises. Since all the backup is stored at a very secure offline location, you will never have to worry about your data’s security and the protection of all your information that you have stored.

Another feature that is highly handy is the auto restore facility that this amazing utility has for you. A backup service is only good enough if you can easily manage to restore the data that you have backed up. With BlogVault, restoring your data is no problem at all.

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BlogVault - Premium Security for WordPress 

No matter how much data you have in your backup, it will only be a matter of minutes before your backed up data is restored. With such restoring capabilities, it is easy enough for anyone to get all their data back if needed.

If you feel that you are one of those who want to test everything beforehand just to be sure of the outcomes, this is perfect for you. There is the option of being able to test your backup restore just to know exactly what it will do in times of requirement.

Finally, it stores all your data on a very secure location offline and this makes sure that all your data is safe at all times and is kept away from harm, ready for you to restore it when needed. BlogVault is the perfect solution for all your backup and restoration needs!

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