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Friday, 20 September 2013

How to Make Your Own App Store Using Wordpress

How to create your own App Store

We live in the era of Smart phones, smart technologies and smart devices. Of course, these devices and gadgets are always only as useful as the applications that they support via which the users can attain maximum benefits from these applications whenever the need arises. The market for good mobile phone apps has therefore significantly increased.

It is essential for developers to not only make sure that they come up with new ideas and create useful apps but also to ensure that they can market their apps properly in order to be able to sell them. Now the foremost thing about marketing these apps is that the internet is perhaps the only medium via which effective marketing can be done.

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For this purpose, developers need websites that maximize the efficiency with which the application is promoted and made available for the general public. This is where the role of this post comes in. Today I will discuss some very useful themes for app landing pages that you can use as per your convenience.

Mobile First Web App Theme

First Web App is a very responsive, highly light theme based on bootstrap 3 with the latest upgrades pertaining to this matter flowing in. despite the fact that it is lightweight, it does not compromise on the facilities that it can provide you via its various different components.  

It supports HTML5 Markup and CSS3. The colors are easily adjustable as per your needs as well. Overall, it can provide you with all that you may need to function your website smoothly.

SlickApp - iPhone / Mobile App Website Theme

Slick App is yet another template that Is ideal for iPhones/iPads as well as android devices.  The key highlights of this website are clean design elements,  5 jQuerry tabbed pages that can be customized as per your needs, custom graphics nd maximum control over the website. 

Appdev - Mobile App WordPress Theme

Appdev is based on WordPress and it is ideal for those who want their apps to immediately stand out and attract the clients. It is a highly customizable app that can be altered exactly as per the user’s needs. 

Infuse - Responsive Mobile App Landing Website

Infuse is a WordPress App store theme, as suggested by its name allows for you to blend all the richness of your app along with the simplicity of the template to create something extraordinary for your visitors.  It is highly responsive and that makes it extremely user friendly.

The templates suggested above can ensure that your hard work gets the limelight it truly deserves. 

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