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Monday, 30 September 2013

Best Related Posts Thumbnail image plugins for Wordpress

A few basics taught in marketing and customer management emphasize not only on attracting customers but also on making sure that these customers are retained. This is a basic principle of marketing that cannot be ignored. In order to make sure that customers are retained, companies need to check up on a few of its practices. They need to provide customers with some constant incentive to keep coming back to the company.

In the case of websites and blogs, the same thing applies. It is therefore essential that these blogs and websites offer something very attractive to their visitors. In this post, I will discuss the five best plugins for related posts in WordPress. Almost all of us start visiting more pages on a website once we go to the ‘more related articles’ section. Well, I will show you the best ways of creating that section today.

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nRelate related content

This is an ideal plugin that allows publishers to promote advertisements on the sides as well as promote their other content in the ‘related content’ section. This plugin does not require you to create an account on the nRelate website in order to use this plugin and the settings are very easily adjustable so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of figuring out how to optimize your website. However, it does not come with very effective SEO settings that need to be adjusted manually by publishers.

Microkid related posts

This plugin is perfect for those who like to manually add related posts as they write a post. It is ideal for people like me who prefer getting the job done manually.

YARPP (yet another related posts plugin)

This plugin is as fun as its name suggests. It comes with a great template system that is based on built in algorithms. This related posts plugin is actually one of the most popular plugins that are downloaded by WordPress users every day. However, it does need some manual adjustments to be made if you have a large website.

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Outbrain WordPress Related Post Plugin

This is a third party that has a special plugin for WordPress that allows for content related to your post only from your website to be displayed after you have downloaded this plugin.

Contextual related posts

This plugin, as suggested by the name, continuously improves results by contextually matching posts to show the posts that are related to the one that readers are reading.
Select any of these plugins and the traffic management on your site along with customer retention will increase significantly.


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