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Friday, 13 September 2013

List of Best WordPress Themes for Hotels and Resorts

Best WordPress Themes for Hotel and Resorts
In the present world, man probably works a lot more than he has ever done so at any point in history. It is therefore essential for human beings to plan their holidays and leisure time. The need for resorts and hotels to be able to provide their clients with the best facilities in order to make their stay comfortable and memorable.  

Usually, people tend to make bookings well in advance before going on a holiday. For this purpose, it is important for the hotel to give their clients a platform where they can see how good the hotel or resort is without having to visit the place. 

That is the primary reason why it is absolutely essential for hotels and resorts to have good websites that can help their potential customers to make the right choice by getting convinced to avail the services of that particular hotel or resort. 

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The following are some good themes that hotels and resorts can use to ensure that their interaction with their customers helps them attain the best possible results. 

Anchor Inn - Hotel and Resort Theme

Anchor inn is a very helpful and an extremely user friendly theme for websites that cater the needs of the hospitality industry.  The most important of its key features include extreme responsiveness, a very easy method of customizing colors, support for numerous post formats, unlimited sidebar options and multiple browser compatibility. 

The theme is optimized for high resolution displays and enhances the visualization on machines such as the Mac-book Pro, iPhone and iPad.

Viva Hotel | Premium WordPress Theme

The Viva hotel premium responsive WordPress theme is, as suggested by the name, is a fully responsive design with several advanced theme options.  The key features include reservation forms to help facilitate your clients, unlimited sidebar options, over a hundred Google fonts, an events calendar and custom widgets. 

This theme is ideal if you want full control over the layout of your website without having to get too deep into the technicalities. 

Grand Hotel - Resorts Business WordPress Theme

This Grand Hotel theme has several key features including registration forms, a dedicated blog, various page templates, a gallery to show your clients what the hotel actually looks like and translation options for clients coming from other language backgrounds. 

Modern Restaurant WordPress Theme

This is primarily Modern restaurant theme. It is highly responsive and has all of the aforementioned key features. It is ideal for you to retain control of your website completely .


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