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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Top 5 Miniclip Games Worth Playing

Miniclip is one of the best online gaming portal that can keep a person engaged for a great number of hours by their delighting games. Millions of people keep themselves engaged in pleasure providing games. Below is the list of most popular miniclip games that you can play online and have fun.

List of Best Miniclip Games

1) 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer

8 ball pool multiplayer game
8 Ball pool is ranked as number one and is the most popular from all the games available on the miniclip portal. This game is really very challenging when two people play the eight ball game on the same table virtually as internet being their medium of connection. Users are allotted with points on winning the games which they might loose them on loosing it. The game is all about how well you make angles to drop the balls into the pockets of the table therefore better aiming using mouse can help in winning the game without any hassle. Other than that, players can also purchase coins in game to unlock different items such as better Cues, tables and powers etc. Hence it is a very engaging experience playing 8 ball pool multiplayer overall.

2) Motocross Nitro

Motocross Nitro game
Second on the list of top five games is the Motocross nitro which is another fun game to play which includes riding on a dirt bike, performing different stunts such as backflips, sideshow, no handler etc. The game seems to give a 3D sort of look. Game contains a number of challenges that need to be accomplished in order to unlock next stages. There are a number of stages on which one can play such as Biker auditorium, Dirt area and many more. Game also has nice sound effects which lets the player feel like a real time environment. Performing multiple tricks while on jump stance can provide with combos which boost up your score.

3) Rail Rush Worlds 

Rail Rush Worlds game
Ranked on third position is the Rail rush worlds developed by unity, It has a kind of haunted game play which contains a man inside a small wooden box moving on railway track. Aim is to find the right path to follow and keep on driving the wooden box at long maximum distances. More the distance covered, more the points, the player scores. But it is not so simple to just cover long distances with multiple hurdles within the track. This game requires fast reflexes as well as fast thinking. People who can achieve these two things can gain top scores.

4) Free Running 2 

Free running 2 game
Free running is yet another interesting game to play which has a man running all the way facing different hurdles that need to be overcome using jumps or climbing. Score is achieved by collecting different coins. It seems so simple but keep in mind that you have limited time available, you need to keep up with pace, slow style gaming would not help in this game. This game is very great graphics wise. Credit goes to Unity game developers.

5) Zombie Trapper 2

zombie trapper 2
Zombie trapper two is the last on the list of the top five. The game is all about aiming using the mouse. A policeman who needs to save a machine as well as kill the zombies at the very same time is the person which player needs to control. There are different tactics that can be used to stop zombies from taking over such as using traps and hand grenades. Game is very interactive but requires fast and accurate aiming to survive the zombie waves.


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