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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Latest WordPress 3.7 Features and Review

wordpress 3.7 features and review
A blogger or a website developer’s most important tool is probably the platform on which the individual works. You see, if your platform is stable and efficient, your work will face the same kind of stability and efficiency.

In the modern world, it is also very essential for your platform to be completely updated at all times; technology is growing at such a fast pace that you simply cannot go on without making sure that you have the very best and latest technology.

That is why WordPress is a platform that can always be relied upon. Only a little over two months ago, WordPress 3.6 came out which we all were very happy and excited to see. However, with rapidly changing technological scenarios, WordPress 3.7 has been released which is what I will talk about in this post. The features listed below are the main attractions of this new version of WordPress.

Automatic updates in WordPress 3.7 

This is perhaps the most anticipated feature of WordPress 3.7. now, whenever an update is available, WordPress will automatically update your current version. Automatic updates will save a lot of time for a number of individuals. However, individuals who do not want this feature will have the option to turn it off.

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New Password Meter 

With the increases in cyber crimes, security is now of utmost importance. The WordPress team understands that and as a result, there has been the introduction of a new power meter. This meter will encourage people to choose stronger passwords that the previous version’s meter did not really do.

Language Packs Feature in WordPress 3.7

The WordPress team understands the importance of globalization on businesses and the several impacts that it has had. As a result, new language packs have been introduced to support other languages better.

New WordPress search

This option allows the search to be more efficient than ever before. It is new and improved at a number of different levels and the accuracy levels attained by this search have also been increased.

Furthermore, WordPress continues to remain a free open source software that can be modified as per the users’ needs. As a result of this, WordPress is perhaps the best thing that a blogger can make use of!

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