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Saturday, 19 October 2013

How to Secure your WordPress Blog from Malware Attacks

securing wordpress blog from malware attacks
Your blog is like the headquarter of your kingdom; the fort upon which your entire territory is dependent. A blogger’s most treasured possession is probably his or her blog. You see, just like a king has his throne, bloggers have their blogs. A blog is your platform via which you share your views and the knowledge that you have with people and get their views.

However, such a valuable things is most certainly prone to getting attacked and must be protected. Malware is something that is present in every mode of online business activity. Malware can be used to harm your blog as well and that is why this post has been put up today; I will tell you how to protect your blog from malware.

Sucuri - Premium security for WordPress

Sucuri Services have been providing protection against malware for quite some time now and this service can definitely help you safeguard your blog without any problems at all. There are many others such as Google Safe Browsing and AVG etc that offer the same services.  You will be required to fulfil the following steps in order to completely protect your blog from malware.

Affordable Plan & Prices

How Sucuri work and monitor your website

You need to be sure that you monitor your blog for unusual activity or threats., of course, this can be a cumbersome task if you don’t have the right service provider for this purpose. If you avail the services of Sucuri, you can be assured that your blogged will be regularly scanned and any threats will be immediately blocked. Of course, other services Norton, AVG and Google Safe Browsing offer the same services.

These services can get you the help of ‘WHOIS’ which is an online internet directory of domain owners so that you can immediately identify the person who is responsible for trying to use malware on your blog.

Once the malware has been detected it needs to be removed. For this you may have to get rid of malicious software, Trojans, phishing attempts and many more such methods via which malware is injected into your blog.

Sucuri Security

Backup your WordPress blog with Sucuri

It is essential for you to have a complete backup for your blog in case the malware manages to cause some damage to your blog. You see, at times, even with the strongest malware detecting systems, a certain malware can make its way to your blog. You need to be careful about such malwares. 
With these steps taken, your blog can be a perfectly safe and completely backed up business for you to use as per your needs!

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One can never get enough security for his or her blog/website these days. As a result of this, here are another dedicated list of entirely to security plugins for you to choose from. Make the most of this post by these two plugins that can help you with your blog’s security amazingly 

Better WP security 

Better WP security is one plugin that is definitely worth purchasing.  This plugin basically takes the best of all the WordPress security features and combines them to give you one plugin that can ensure that your website or blog is perfectly guarded against any malware or other possible security threats.

This plugin is as easy to use as they can get. Most of its features do not require any lengthy activation procedures; rather they are only a click away from being activated. This makes it highly convenient to use and has resulted in over a million WordPress downloads!

This plugin very conveniently obscures and detects the harmful things that can damage your blog or website and protects it. In case of an attack on the website, it helps in the entire recovery of your data. All you need to do is buy this plugin and you will have everything you need for the protection of all your content on your blog or website.

Security Ninja WordPress Plugin

Security Ninja, as suggested by its name, is as effective as a ninja when it comes to the protection of your blog or website.  It performs over 31 tests including brute force attacks to ensure the strength of the protection on your website.  It performs entire checks to make sure that there are no loopholes anywhere from where hackers cam get an advantage.

After these tests, it then protects your website against possible threats. These preventive measures are of the best quality and are extremely high techs. once installed, there will be no possibility of script kiddies attacking and hacking your site neither will 0-Day exploit attacks be successful against you.

This plugin can be your road to safety when it comes to protection of your website. After the purchase of the plugin, you will never have to worry about the safety of your website and you will be able to concentrate on the more important things of your work.

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