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Monday, 7 October 2013

How to Setup Giveaways with Raflecopter

The basic laws that govern consumer behaviour in the physical world are equally important in the virtual world. You see, consumers online simply cannot be excluded while conducting the study for consumer behaviour and the response of consumers that certain changes in policies may achieve. In the physical world, it is important for companies to engage in some promotional activities every now and then in order for them to be able to retain their customers.

The same rule applies to the virtual world; one cannot ignore the importance of several promotional policies that are to be conducted in order to popularize the blog. Giveaways are one method via which the company can benefit greatly. In this post, I will discuss the importance of giveaways and Rafflecopter, an excellent theme that can be used for giveaways in WordPress.

Why Giveaways is Important for Bloggers

Why are giveaways important? Well, the basic answer to that is that they provide the consumer with something out of the ordinary and so, they create a spark of excitement and activity amongst the consumers.

They can significantly impact blog statistics in terms of page views, subscriptions and activity on the blog.
They are an excellent method via which consumers can be engaged actively in the blog.

Rafflecopter - The best App for Running a Giveaway

That being said, let’s move to Rafflecopter; an amazing giveaway theme for WordPress.  First of all, it gives the users a very simple method via which a successful giveaway can be conducted. It is also a very user friendly theme therefore people visiting your blog will find it very easy to join the giveaway. It allows for specific tasks for users to perform in order to join the giveaway as well; interaction between your visitors and your blog is maximized.

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Features of Rafflecopter for WordPress users

In order to avail the facilities that Rafflecopter offers, you first have to sign up for a free Rafflecopter account. Of course, the additional features that are there will have to be purchased by you as per your needs.  You can get the features that provide viral marketing services to your blog. To create the giveaway, go to the Rafflecopter dashboard and click on +New Giveaway.  The steps that follow are extremely easy and well described. With that, your giveaway will be ready to be executed.

Make use of this theme in order to make the most of your promotional activities and to manage to get and retain new customers!


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