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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

4 Best Wordpress Hosting Providers

best wordpress host
Best hosting providers are not at all hard to find these days as a few clicks can reveal their service reviews and make up the customers mind accordingly. Setting up a new website, according to many people’s beliefs, is probably a very easy task. I mean all one has to do is set up a website, right? Just a few codes, a few colors, some fancy content and there you have it, your own successful website.

Well, that’s not how it works. You see, setting up a good website requires a number of different things that can be extremely difficult to manage. You can also read a very extensive Hostgator vs Bluehost Comparison

As a result of this, you cannot focus on your own business thus causing disruption to your daily business activities. Well, this post has been written with the intention of helping you out with this problem. You see, in order for you to be able to manage your website successfully, you will definitely need a web hosting service. Here is a comparison of two such facilities that you might find useful.

Fatcow - Best Green Web Hosting

Fat cow is a web hosting service that you will fall in live with not only because of the cute images that they have on their website but also because of the amazing solutions they provide.

The pricing scheme is not complicated, the service lets you create your site easily, you can get a free domain name, and different levels of space that you can choose from. It can give you the ideal solution to your advertising needs with its special advertisisng and search engine optimization packages.

If you purchase Fatcow Hosting you will get Google Adword 100$ coupon, Facebook 50$ Ad coupen, Submit listing in Yellow pages and US toll free number. Get all these free stuff and Register now

Blue Host - Hosting for WordPress

On the other hand, there is bluehost. The first thing that you will notice about it as compared to fat cow is the level of formality present in this service. It seems like an ideal service for blogs related to financial services etc. of course; the uses for this service cannot be restricted to financial services only. This service, too, provides unlimited domain hosting.

The advantage that it has over fat cow is the unlimited GB hosting space that it provides. The advertising offer that it offers is also less costly than fat cow.

 At the end, if you have to choose between one, I suggest you take a deep look into the benefits that you will be deriving from both these service providers and choose the best option that you have.

When it comes to web hosting, there are a number of different companies based on the internet that provide some excellent services. These services can cater to an individual’s web hosting requirements perfectly and ensure effective, efficient and promising results. You can also choose from these options and have a web hosting experience you will never forget.

Hostgator hosting with excellent 24/7 staff

Host Gator proudly claims to ‘eat up all competition’ when it comes to the company’s performance in terms of quality and value for money. The primary point that the company focuses is on affordability. Host Gator promises high quality at very affordable rates.

This web hosting service promises you unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, a very easy to use control panel, single click installation and $100 Google Adwords Offer. With such amazing offers, Host gator can be of great value for compani8es who want to minimize the amount spent while trying to get maximum benefits out of it.

The numerous free templates, VPS Hosting and dedicated servers are some of the numerous additional perks that this service has to offer.

GoDaddy - Economic hosting provider on the other hand, focuses less on affordability and more on the classy attributes that it can give to your website. It has a number of different packages that you can choose from based on the nature of your website.

Managing to get good search rankings will also no longer be a problem with this web hosting service because you will always be recognized and rated well by search engines.

20% off of all Hosting Plans at GoDaddy!

The customer service center that this service has is up to date and efficient which means that if you are ever stuck at a problem, solving it will not be a problem at all for their customer service team.
While this list of web hosting services discussed today may be somewhat different from one another, they are ideal for a number of different businesses. Choose wisely as per the requirements of your business to benefit.


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