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Saturday, 19 October 2013

5 Reasons why not to buy cheap wordpress hosting

There are a couple of reasons why you should not consider cheap hosting for wordpress. The most common reasons for this have been listed below.

cheap website hosting 1) Quality of service

Although cheap hosting for wordpress is much more affordable but we not need to forget what service we are being provided in return. We can consider a common example of our daily lives now a days like there are wrist watches which are very cheap which go all the way up to the most expensive ones, the difference between a cheap one and the expensive one would be its quality. If you are to compromise with the quality, you may surely consider the low cost option but on the other side, many people like the quality of service no matter what the price of that service is. 

So coming back to the hosting discussion, same is the case with it as described above. The better hosting that you purchase, the more speedy and user friendly customer support you might get as well as other services included within the package. While if you think on the other side, a hosting company would never let it's return investment to be null and will provide you with the limited resources if you have purchased a cheap one.

2) Downtimes

Many people who initially select the low cost option for web hosting have been complaining their site having downtime. Now the downtime for your site is very bad and can have even worst effects on your website's world wide ranking as well as degrade the website's value in the view of search engines. The most biggest search engines such as Google has it's computerized crawlers often called as bots index sites every second, one might not even know when it will give another visit to his website and you can imagine of the bad impact if the crawler finds out the downtime on your site.

Since the aim of search engines is to provide it's users with the best results, you can guess the demoralization of your site if the crawler finds it in it's downtime.

3) Slow Surfing

Cheap hosting plans usually look very affordable but what most of people forget to notice is the technical specifications of the servers of the cheap wordpress hosting providers. Usually their systems have normal processors and memory and therefore they are quite slow in terms of processing which result in slow browsing at the surfers end.

4) Limited Space

Another reason not to go for the cheap wordpress hosting is that you might get a limited amount of data storage which may cause you problems if you have plans to upload a number of files.

5) Backups

Low cost hosting providers for wordpress often do not guarantee the backup of site. Now consider yourself putting a lot of effort on your site and your efforts are not being backed up and even if you back up your site after each week or a month, that is quite a work to do. This would be a great downfall. Site's backup not provided when required can be no more than a nightmare.

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