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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Top 5 Must have Wordpress Plugins for Website

list of must have wordpress pluginsThere are thousands of plugins available in the wordpress repository. Here is a list of best wordpress plugins that you must have for your website.

1) Wordpress SEO by Yoast

Wordpress SEO by yoast is a great plugin that performs Search engine optimization for your entire site. It mainly focuses on the on page SEO. Ranking higher on the search engine results page is much more easier with the use of this fantastic plugin. It provides ability to add custom titles for posts as well as pages and custom meta descriptions that provides opportunity to optimize it with the use of perfect keywords which need to be targeted. Not only this, but it also Optimizes the source code of your site. Overall the plugin is very much user friendly and easy to configure. Documentation is also available is some help is required. Premium support can also be provided upon request which include extra features.

wordpress seo by yoast

2) Akismet 

Akismet is the plugin that is used to block spam. This plugin comes installed by default with the wordpress installation, therefore there is just a need to activate it. Now a days many site's get a huge number of spam mainly from the comments form. This plugin once configured, handles all the work for you and will recognize spam comments with an intelligent algorithm that works and will not let those comments to be published, instead it will mark them as spam and place them there. Later on the administrator can easily manage to go through the spam comments and can perform further actions.

akismet plugin wordpress

3) Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 is one of the most downloaded plugin in the wordpress repository. Stats show that it has been downloaded more than 13 million times. Contact form is generally one of the necessary element for every site as it provides a platform to your visitor to get in touch with you directly. Some of the visitors might need some help or want to as question or some guidance, the only way they can communicate is via contact form. So the contact form plugin comes in handy to generate a contact us page in a short time using shortcodes. The plugin is very user friendly and is easy to implement, just requires some basic knowledge of using wordpress.

4) Google XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are very important for any website in terms of search engine optimization. It provides a pathway to the crawler/bot so that it know what pages it needs to visit and collect data from. This plugin is very useful as it handles the creation of a sitemap page according to the Google's terms and conditions, or we can say it is optimized according to Google's standards. The Yoast SEO plugin described above also has an option for sitemaps but it is better to disable that sitemap option and get the sitemap generated via this plugin.

xml sitemap

5) WP Super Cache

WP Super cache is another awesome plugin that is used to cache the pages of your website. Generally there are a number of benefits of caching the webpages such as the loading time of the pages decreases, if a used revisits the same webpage, his browser does not has to load the webpage again which in return increases site's performance , hence providing better user experience. Making the websites as fast as possible is a heck of a challenge now a days keeping the interactivity alive at the same time because not to divert the visitors attention. The plugin is easy to install, activate and configure and it will deal with the complex things by itself.

These were the best plugins that your site must have, please let us know about other plugins that deserve place in the list above using the comments section below.


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