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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Drag and Drop Wordpress Page Designer Plugin

drag and drop wordpress plugin
With Drag and Drop page builder for wordpress, you can turn your site to be very easily customized using your cursor with the great visual editor.

It is in fact quite time consuming job for a person who intends to create a new page template each time. Many of which do not know how to develop and therefore hire developers to get hands on it. With the Drag and Drop plugin life seems to be very easy since it seems to be a very handy plugin for developers themselves because one can easily build custom designs by drag and drop feature in no time. While on the other hand it might take an hour or less to build up a unique page template.

It is the Mighty Visual Composer Plugin: Page Builder for WordPress, have a look at the video below and you would be impressed to know about it's flexibility and great features:

Drag and Drop Wordpress Page Designer Plugin: Visual Composer

 This plugin suits the current situation with the fast paced world advancing each day where time is given very much importance.

Be it building simple page layouts or complex styled pages, this plugin can help one set it up within a few minutes or less. The plugin has a responsive design to keep up with the latest trends.

There are a great number of pre-built Content Elements available. Technically the plugin code is Object Oriented that is better in performance and is up to the standards. One of the greatest feature of this plugin is that it can be easily integrated into any theme. One can save the page templates that can be used later on.

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