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Monday, 30 December 2013

How to Hide that your Site is Built using Wordpress

How to use Hide my wp

Today our topic of discussion is how to save your WordPress site for being hacked or unauthorized access. WordPress is the #1 blogging platform that covers all type of website niche like education, entertainment, real estates and for news platforms etc.

If your WordPress site is hosted by a reliable hosting provider and there servers have enough security than there is 60% of chance that your website is safe.

But here we have discussed about the specific WordPress plugin that hides your WordPress identity, it means no one can knows that you are using WordPress which in result will help you secure your site from various wordpress hacks.

How Hide my Wp works

Hide my Wp is a premium WordPress plugin from Codecanyon and this plugin can protect and rename your WordPress core directory files in a way that no one can find that you are using WordPress on your website. Hide my Wp is officially supports Multi-site and Nginx servers. 

There are about 20% of WordPress themes and plugins that are not regularly updated and the result is security breach. Hide my Wp protects you website from brute force attracts and secure your WordPress core login file with a new permalink that hacker never find. 

In general we use

to acces WordPress database. But using this plugin we can change this core login url to

Same as above you can change your wp-contect / themes and plugin urls and secure them by minify them.

Benefits of using Hide my Wp by CodeCanyon

  • Hide my wp can replace any words in the html output files.
  • If someone try to access your WordPress credential then you will be notified.
  • This plugin will remove WordPress meta information from header and footer.
  • Can create a custom 404 page.
  • This plugin can clean up the body classes and unnecessary body classes.

More over Hide my Wp secure your all php files including wp-contect, wp-include and wp-admin files and replace then with a well defined permalinks of your choice. This plugin can also help you by SSL- Injection and XSS attracts. 

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