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Sunday, 29 December 2013

How to Upload YouTube videos directly from WordPress

uploading youtube videos from wordpress
Uploading videos directly to WordPress has never been my personal favourite method of adding video content to my blog. there can be several issues while the audience tries to watch those videos.

It is therefore advisable to use an external video hosting website such as YouTube. 

The whole process gets simplified and it actually works great too! This post will guide you how to upload videos to WordPress directly from YouTube.

It’s easy, efficient and an amazing way to get show your videos to the world!

Step 1 : Get the YouTube Upload Widget 

With the YouTube for WordPress plugin you can easily record or upload videos directly fro  your WordPress site. Download the plugin and install it in your WordPress blog. You will not have to adjust any settings; it works out of the box. You will notice a new YouTube button next to the media uploader when you create a new post.

Upload YouTube videos

Step 2: Click on the YouTube button

Once you do this, you will get a dialogue box asking you to fill out the requirements of the video.  You will have to fill in the Title, the description and the keywords related to the video. After this, you will be required to open your YouTube account and post the video via the channel of your choice. 

WordPress to Youtube

You will be allowed to record your video directly from WordPress and right after that it will be uploaded through YouTube.  See, it is as simple as that!

However, there is more to this. If your content mainly focuses on videos, then you can actually enhance the way your videos look by making your videos responsive with Fitvid

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Furthermore, to make sure that only your content is visible, you can also turn off the related videos option to avoid third party material from getting promoted. 

The WordPress site can also be enhanced with thumbnails from your YouTube videos. Using YouTube with your WordPress account has probably never been easier! Try these tips out today to see for yourself!


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