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Monday, 6 January 2014

List of Default Post Types in Wordpress

By Default Wordpress comes with five post types: Page, Post, Attachment, Revision and Navigation menu.

default post types in wordpress

Default Post Types in Wordpress


The post types can be considered to be similar but with different specialties. These default post types are described in more detail below:

1) Post Type: Post


The Post type of "Post" is generally used for blogs. This specific post type is very important for the well known blogging tool wordpress. The idea behind this type is that all the posts are displayed in a chronological order. Posts can be placed into different "Categories". The URL structure of the post can contain category slug as the second segment of the URL such as:



2) Post Type: Page


The Posts type of "Page" are more like static pages which do not represent them in any sequential order, rather they are more like stand alone type which means they are not categorized as other post types do. Each page can contain its own layout and style by defining it a particular page template. The URL structure of post type page is more simple and the page name URL is simply appended to the main site URL such as:


 3) Post Type: Attachment


Post type of "Attachment" contains all the information of a particular file that is uploaded via "Media Upload" section in the backend of wordpress. The information of that file stored contains the name of the file, the direct URL of the file on server, the date it was uploaded, the attachment URL (Where User can view the downloaded file and its infotmation in a wordpress page on frontend).

4) Post Type: Revision


Post type of "Revision" might not be of much use in the frontend but it actually plays a great role in the backend, all the posts that are marked as drafts are stored as revisions or the changes that are made to a published posts are automatically stored as revisions in the wordpress database that can be viewed later.

5) Post Type: Navigation Menu


The Post type of "Navigation Menu" contains the information about the single item in the wordpress navigation menu setup.

Custom Post Types


Wordpress being highly customizable, also offers the development of custom post types. One can easily create any number of custom post types that are required. 

For example lets say I want a shopping cart system on my wordpress site, then I would have to register a custom post type of "Products" or a site that writes reviews on different things might register a custom post type of "Reviews". Another example can be registering a custom post type for "Testimonials" given by clients, Hence there can be a great number of custom post types that can be thought of and can be built in wordpress to extend its functionality.

Learn How To Create Custom Post Type in Wordpress


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