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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

5 Most Popular Responsive Sliders for WordPress

Popular Responsive Slider Plugins
Modern day websites are heavily dependent upon images and pictures of several types in order to promote their products. For such businesses, it is obviously important to be able to present their products on their website in a manner that the products get maximum exposure via pictures etc.

 For this purpose, image/gallery slider options are very popular among web developers.  

People who visit the site find it to be extremely convenient and helpful if the website has good pictorial displays too. This post is for all such websites that need to promote their products via gallery’s and images. A slider is perfect to display numerous pictures on one page. Here is a list of some slider plugins that you will find helpful!

Slider PRO - WordPress Slider Plugin

Slider Pro plugin is completely responsive and is mobile ready. With over 150 options and over a hundred transition effects, you will never run out of creative image and gallery with this plugin. You can even add animated layers and customize it further!

Layer-Slider Responsive WordPress Plugin

Layer slider can help you slide, fade and rotate layers as per your convenience. You can use this for any HTML content that you may have.  It provides touch sensitive compatibility with phones and tablets. It is an ideal plugin for websites that target such devices.

RoyalSlider - Touch Content Slider for WordPress

Royal slider, as suggested by its name, is ideal for websites that are designed to target touch device users.  All touch phones and tablets fall into this category.  It is extremely easy and very fast to use as well making it an ideal option for you!

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution plugin is highly responsive, has several different navigation styles and is highly customizable for you to give your website the look that you want to give!

Banner Rotator / Content Slider WordPress Plugin

Banner Rotator WordPress plugin claims to give you everything that you need from a banner. It has a banner rotator, thumbnails with banners and content sliders. This plugin is ideal if you need banners of any sort on your website!

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