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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Best WordPress Landing Page Templates for Product Marketing

Best three landing pages for Product listing in WordPress
When somebody enters a query or opens up your website, they will obviously be directed to your landing page. The landing page is absolutely important because it will determine the impression that your visitors get about your website and consequently, your business as a whole.

This post will take you through a series of landing pages that can help you greatly. Just go through them yourself and you will see what I mean!

JustLanded - WordPress Landing Page

A fully responsive Just landed has unlimited colour options, over 500 Google Web fonts, an extremely strong and powerful admin panel, customizable widgets and several short codes and a number of more facilities, this is ideal for you if you want to give your landing page a highly modern and appealing look without actually having to go deeply into the technical details. 

You see, the technical details have already been taken care of for you! however, if you like getting technical, this is still a great option for you. 

HTML5/CSS3 supported, this is not only extremely compatible with various programs and languages but is also fully SEO optimized!

Myway - Onepage Bootstrap Parallax Retina Template

A highly responsive, Myway is multi-purpose template based on bootstrap, this template is ideal if you prefer the minimalistic view for your website. It is retina ready thus being extremely compatible with the latest devices out there!the parallax effect guarantees smooth scrolling and the numerous short-codes mean you are always in control of how the template appears!

Lister - Premium Landing Page:

Lister is a Premium PHP template that is ideal if you have long mailing lists. It is very responsive and can be customized as per your needs.  You can choose from a vast option of skins and colours to give your landing page the look you have envisioned!

These templates are ideal to help you save time and help you make your landing pages look and operate in a much better way than they would otherwise.

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