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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Best Live Chat Plugins for Wordpress

How to enable Live chat in your WordPress blog
It is absolutely essential for anyone who is trying to run a successful business to be able to stay in touch with their customers at all times. Good customer services can lead to better sales of your company’s products. However, failure to be able to deliver good quality customer services can have bad consequences for the company.

If you have a business that relies heavily on your website, it is very important that your clients can easily and readily get in touch with you. for this to happen, it is important that you have a good chat feature enabled so that your clients can directly engage in live chat with you. this post will introduce you to two very useful plugins that you can use to enable chat services for your clients.

WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support

Live Chat an extremely useful plugin that can be used to enable chat for your clients to get in touch with you easily. It is an open source plugin with only a one-time fee. It is extremely easy to use; all you have to do is install it on your WordPress and simply start using it! It has a highly customizable skin that you can alter as per your requirements. 

Not only that, but it also gives you the option to effectively manage your chat logs and also gives you notification emails when users log in. An excellent option for businesses that want to give their users the ability to get in touch with them very easily!

ClickDesk - Live Support for WordPress

If you are beginner and want to activate a live chat system in your WordPress blog then ClickDesk give you an opportunity to start a service using there free plugin. Download and install the plugin from WordPress menu and then connect it with ClickDesk API system. You can manage the emails, offline messages and chats and create more support agents. 

PHP - Live Chat for custom templates

PHP live chat is a plugin that gives you the advantage to have unlimited operators and unlimited departments for custom WordPress Themes. A complete chat history is saved with a typing indicator, sound notifications and many more options. It is easy to use and can be installed very easily on your WordPress site!

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of these plugins and get in touch with your clients all the time!

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  1. There are many third party live chat plugins are available, I am also using one of them known as eAssistance Pro. It is a very cost effective and easy to use software.


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