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Saturday, 15 March 2014

How to Get Better Ranking for Website with CDN

Short for ‘Content Delivery Networks’, CDN is a network of geographically-dispersed servers which delivers cached content from websites to end users based on the location of the user.

To explain this in simple terms, a user is normally redirected to your website host’s server when he or she arrives on your site. If you happen to have a lot of site traffic, you can easily overload your server which will inevitably lead to your site loading slowly or worse yet, a complete site or server crash.

When you’re using a CDN which is a network of servers located in various places around the world, your site’s static content is cached and stored on all these servers. Then, when a user visits your website, the CDN will redirect them to the server which is located closest to them. This equates to your website loading faster wherein the user gets your content much more quickly.

A responsive, fast-loading site is always a good thing as it’s well known that you only have a few short seconds to capture (and hold) the attention of the typical website visitor. A site which loads slowly is one that most first-time visitors will simply skip over as online users are impatient by nature. These clear benefits of a CDN are why an increasing number of website owners are choosing to make the switch to CDNs.
Here is a brief overview of the many benefits of a CDN:

Increased Speed When you complete a CDN set up, your site will load much more quickly than it did before making the switch.

Fewer Crashes Because a CDN distributes your site’s traffic load to multiple servers as opposed to relying on just one server to handle the load, your website is very unlikely to crash regardless of how many people may be trying to simultaneously access it.

Better User Experience One of the main benefits of a CDN is the fact that you will be providing your site visitors with an improved user experience. You’ll enjoy seeing an increase in page views as well as an increase in the number of pages viewed by each user.

Better SEO Google makes no secret of the fact that faster sites rank better. In fact, Google encourages webmasters to regularly monitor site performance by using various tools such as its own PageSpeed.

CDNs have revolutionized the web hosting world over the past few years. Now’s the time to do a CDN set up as the world continues to go digital. Faster is always bette when it comes to load times for websites. And, since many websites today rely on product and service sales, conversion rates will increase when a site’s load can be intelligently distributed across a network of servers.

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